Zippo Lighter “Boxer”


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The lighter comes without lighter gasoline!

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Has this ever happened to you? Your dream boy or girl is coming up to you on the street. Your breath stops, your hands get wet. You don’t get a word out. And then comes the big question: “Do you have a light?” You really didn’t expect that question. And because you can’t get a word out, you don´t grab your chance. Your chance to exchange words, maybe even smoke cigarettes together, maybe even a date.

This will no longer be a problem in the future. We are remedying this situation. With this original Zippo lighter in Paddyhats-Boxer style, you are guaranteed to light every cigarette. And there´s more. The wide range of applications of this lifestyle product are unsurpassed. Whether as a bottle opener, paperweight or just to be stated: this handmade and high-quality product makes you the star of lighting up cigarettes and is guaranteed to never put you in such a situation again. Promised!

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