T-Shirt “Shamrock” green

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It’s St. Patrick’s Day again! We have a new shirt to match. Because although there are only about 80 million people of Irish descent in the world and about 4 million Irish living in Ireland, on this day 7 billion people are Irish. We dress in green, dream of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, jump around wildly and shout: “Hey guys, I can tap dance! Of course, everything is influenced by this black swill which for most of us is actually far too little carbonated (strictly speaking, none at all). But hey, on this one day, we can also cope with a Guinness. After all, it’s like carnival or the company Christmas party. The main thing is to have a reason to drink and accidentally hit on the boss’s wife. Oh yes, what did I want to say? Buy the shirt! The SHIRT! Buy it! Buy the shirt!

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