Scented tree “Boxer”


Includes 19% MwSt.
Delivery Time: 5-7 days (within Germany)*

Color: White printed with Boxer logo

Quality: 1.8 mm cellulose board

Additional fragrance oil for a longer fragrance experience

Fastening: rubber band black

Fragrance: Bergamot & Tobacco

In stock

Deliveries outside Europe: Due to COVID 19 there may be currently considerable delays and exceptionally long running times. Click here for current information of DHL about effects on shipping and delivery to your country.

Corona really sucks? Are you tired of listening to music from car radios while standing next to your old 1993 Fiat Punto and watching your favorite bandwith the binoculars? Your car smells awful, because the smell of puke of your last passenger can’t be completely washed out? You can’t get out of bed, let alone take a shower, because you’ve been in Home Office for 5 months now?

Then we will have the solution, at least for some of your problems. The official Paddyhats fragrance tree in casual boxer style. Transform your dirty cart in no time into a mountain amot & tobacco-scented second home. If the deo fails, just pinch two scented trees under your armpits and all around you will lie at your feet. However, they may be unconscious if they have taken a nose immediately after opening the packaging. Reach fast. Only as long as the stock lasts!

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  1. Patty (verified owner)

    Hab ich einfach mal bestellt gehabt. Und weil es so geil riecht, hab ich beim letzten Mal zwei bestellt. Meine Freundin hat es im Auto gerochen und weil sie es auch so geil fand, hab ich ihr eins geschenkt. Bei der nächsten Bestellung werde ich wohl ein paar mehr ordern 😁

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