Bundle “Midsummer Special”

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The perfect day in a bundle paradise

Imagine sitting in your “Beware of the dogs” shirt at your lakeside house somewhere in Sweden. The balmy summer air tickles your nose. It itches a bit, but you don’t have to sneeking. The sun’s rays warm your skin soothingly, while you look at the lake in your camping chair lost in thought. You just feel good. While you watch two bald lizards performing a beautiful love dance to “Green Blood” from the suitcase radio, you notice that the beer has run out. Still in my thoughts, what this lizard species from New Guinea has made to Sweden, you run to the fridge in the old log cabin and get a cool black beer.

When you want to return to your camping chair by the lake, you pause on the doorstep: “Man, but that cooled down within seconds”. Quickly you go back in, get your “Green Skull” hoodie from the upper floor and pull it over. The pleasant feeling of the previous one returns. As you look behind two butterflies that run a kind of race over the reeds, you notice that you have forgotten your beer in the hut. You run as fast as you can back to the log cabin and hope that the beer outside the refrigerator is still cold. And then… The door has fallen into the castle. Damn! You hope you’ve got the key stuck inside and look into the keyhole. You pull your Paddyhats boxer patch out of your pocket half-slides it under the doorstep. From the thicket you get a keyhole-sized stick and push the key inward into the hut, where it lands safely on the patch. You pull the patch and the key under the door and open the door. MacGyver and the A-Team applaud you in your spiritual eye.

In your “Beware of the dogs” shirt and Green Skull hoodie you get two new beer. You deserved it. You put the half-warm beer back in the fridge and go back to the lake. Once there, you get everything out of the suitcase radio with Bluetooth connection. For a loud “overtime work” you drink the beers in one go and congratulate yourself on buying this bundle that saved you the day.


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